K-Food Festa &
Kitchen Equipment Industry Exhibition
  • Title
    K-Food Festa& Kitchen Equipment Industry Exhibition
  • Dates
    July 19th(Fri.)~21th(Sun.), 2024 [3days]
  • Place
    aT Center Exhibition hall I, Seoul, S. Korea
  • Tel
  • E-mail
  • Organizer
    K-Food Festa Organizer Office
Exhibits Profile
  • Handmade Food

    Handmade Dessert, Handmade Snacks,
    Fruit Tea, Others

  • Sauce

    Seasoning, Spice, Sweetener, Marinade,
    Salted Seafood, Others

  • Dessert

    Chocolates, Bakery, Crackers, Cookies, Biscuits,
    Ice creme, Jelly, Flower Cake, Pudding, Ice Flakes, Others

  • HMR(Home Meal Replacement)

    Meal kit, Retort Pouch, Instant Food,
    Frozen Food, Fresh-cut Food, Others

  • Street Food

    Tteok-bokki, Gimbap, Fried Food,
    Skewers, Noodles, Others

  • World Food

    Western Food, Chines Food, Japanese Food,
    Vietnamese Food, Indian Food, Others

  • Drinks

    Ade, Tea, Coffee, Soft Drink, Alcoholic beverages,
    Juice, Smoothie, Milkshake, Others

  • Dairy Products

    Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Butter, Cream, Others

  • Health Functional&Organic Food

    Health Functional Food, Diet Food,
    Nutritional Supplements
    Organic Food, Others

  • Baby Meal

    Weaning Food, Powdered Milk, Baby Snack,
    Baby Drink, Side Dishes for Baby

  • processed food

  • Food ingredients

  • Cooking utensils

    Bowls, pots, frying pans, etc

  • Home appliances

    Refrigerator, microwave, air fryer,
    a rice cooker, a blender, etc

  • Food related equipment

    Pedestal, scrubber, tablecloth,
    dishcloth, cutlery set, etc

  • Related Accessories

  • Food and drink services and platforms

  • Start up


Booth Information

게시판 리스트
Booth Type Dimensions (W x D) Facilities & Furniture Unit price (US$)
Market Booth 2m × 2m 1 Electrical outlet, 1 information desk, 1chair $ 400
Standard A
2m × 2m × 2.5m Sign board, lighting, 1 electrical outlet (1kw; 220V), 1 information desk, 1 chair $ 700
Standard B
3m × 3m × 2.5m Sign board, lighting, 1 electrical outlet (1kw; 220V), 1 information desk, 1 chair $ 1,300
Raw Space
(more than 2booth)
3m × 3m Exhibition space only
※ Booth owners in raw space must prepare for their own booth design and booth set up.
※ Booth owners in raw space must apply their own electric power to organizing office.
$ 1,100

※ The booth information above is subject to change depending on the circumstances of host and detailed information will be provided at the timing of application for booth.

※ Market Booth : 1 Information desk, 1 Chair and 1 Socket are provided. (No Wall, Only Area is provided)

Booth Image

Registration Procedures

Discount Program

    게시판 리스트
    Items Early-Bird
    Additional Discount Remarks
    Previous Participants
    Discount Rate 20% 5% Maximum discount rate 25%
    ※ Additional discount is applied only
    when the regular application is submitted.
    Application Period Early Application Period
    : By March 29th, 2024
    ※ Application Period
    : By May 31th, 2024

    Bank Account Information

  • Beneficiary:
  • Bank:
  • Address: 57, Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu,Seoul
  • Swift Code: SHBKKRSE
  • Account No.: 180-009-967940


  • Korea Vegan Fair Organizer Office #1116, 33 Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Tel: 82-761-2514
  • Email: info@k-foodfesta.com


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